MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR Skeyndor Very Good Condition Anti-Aging

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MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR Skeyndor Very Good Condition Anti-Aging

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MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR Skeyndor Very Good Condition Anti-Aging

In great working order

Anti-Aging , reduce stretch marks, wrinkles , skin firming .

Very easy to use . Can be used in combination with other treatments

Going back in time: that sounds like science fiction.

Mesoscience by Skeyndor certainly is no science fiction, but reality!

Every skin will eventually age. Mesoscience is used when fine lines and wrinkels

emerge and the skin loses its elasticity.

Not only your face, but your body, too, will benefit from Mesoscience.

Striae, cellulitis and the waning of the skin can be treated with the technique of mesoscience.

The technique of Mesoscience has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Science.

Thanks to a combination of innovative products and the Mesoscience technique by Skeyndor,

we can now achieve astonishing results, without the use of needles or surgery!

Don’t wait any longer and come and see for yourself!

The MESOSCIENCE by SKEYNDOR method combines the following techniques:

• Activating electricity current
(A prepatory phase that supports the mitosis and absorption capacity of the skin.)

• Hydrophoresis
(A method that uses mild, pulsing electric shocks, which enables the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin tissue)

• Electroporation
(This method uses short, electric pulses to improve the permeability of the cel membranes and to enable the ingrediënts to penetrate deep into the cells.)

• Cryotherapy
(This is a cold therapy. Low themperatures make the cells contract, in order to enhance the effects of the treatment.

The skin is calmed, which has a stunning effect.)

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