Wireless karaoke handy microphone with bluetooth

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Wireless karaoke handy microphone with bluetooth

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ID: 6148583

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Wireless karaoke handy microphone with bluetooth

Model Number: SR-K01

Main features:
Wireless Singing
Bluetooth Connectivity
Charging treasure features
External Battery

Product Type: Full Metal K Song Microphone
Sound Head: capacitor
Output Power: 10mW (Headphone output) 3W (Speaker output)
Frequency Range: 100Hz--10KHz
Maximum SPL: About 115dB 1KHz
Reverberation Mode: echo
Power Supply: 5V 200mAh lithium battery inside
Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh
Charging Power: DC5V
Battery Working Time:3-5 Hours

1.Support Your Karaoke at Anytine and Anywhere
2.A smart phone,support whole home theatre with preferable karaoke function.
3.Only there button design is easy control by age and kid
4.Millions international songs for your choose.

Youtube Video: http://www.youtu.be/IzJXD1qf6r4
Website: www.showeller.com Email: sales6@showeller.com


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