Telefonų stotelė Panasonic KX-TA616, PBX

Telefonų stotelė Panasonic KX-TA616, PBX

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Telefonų stotelė Panasonic KX-TA616, PBX

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Viena patikimiausių ir populiariausių biuro telefonų stotelių. Lengvai išplečiama, papildoma autoatsakikliu, signalizacija ir kitomis funkcijomis. Valdoma ne vien sisteminiu telefonu, bet ir kompiuteriu.
6 išoriniai įėjimai ir 16 vidinių išėjimų (pilnai išplėsta). Dydis (mm): 284 x 368 x 95

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Į SMS neatsakau.

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KX-TA616 - the Advanced Hybrid System - is ideal for small businesses or home offices that need sophisticated communication features and extra flexibility.

This telephone system is expandable. Its Direct Inward System Access (DISA) with Message helps callers navigate directly to the intended party. The Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) with Message improves callhandling efficiency. The typical Caller ID is also present along with integration with voice-processing system. Never miss an important call through its various call forwarding features. Calling activity reports (Station Message Detail Recording), account code entry, and toll restriction help you manage telephone costs more effectively

Conference Call
CTI - the ability to integrate PBXs with a computer
D-XDP - one port several independent telephones connecting
UCD - group of subscribers automatic call distribution
Support modes (day, night, etc.)
Hands-free alerts
Pay calls limiting
Intercom / lock
The call interception, transfer or parking
Call duration limit
DISA - external caller can access internal pbx features on certain lines by keying in a special code
Setting talks duration limit
Fast dial
Automatic incoming calls distribution
Emergency crossing - automatically switches the city line to the pre-selected internal phones.