signalizacija pultas, su sim kortele nuo judesio skambina į telefoną

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signalizacija pultas, su sim kortele nuo judesio skambina į telefoną

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2011 Wireless Home GSM Security Alarm System / Alarms / SMS / Call / Autodial
Wireless DSP Smart Security Alarm System, SOS, Burglar, fire and gas alarm
4 Wired and 6 wireless defence zones
Can preset and store 6 voice phones and 3 message phones
Remote two-way intercom
Telephone (mobile phone) remote control programming
SMS remote control preset & arm/disarm the main panel
SMS alarm content can be changed
10 groups of timely arm and disarm
10 groups reply to timely control the home appliances open or close
Can connect wireless siren (Option)
10-second automatic message recording
Built-in intelligent English message
Alarm locking memory and information clear for easy checking
One-key-control function: Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm
Wireless intelligent learning encoding and comply additional accessories
Arm, disarm, monitor and intercom by remote calling the alarm unit
Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function
Built in NI-HI rechargeable battery is available to provide power supply nearly 5 hours automatically after power off
AC and DC dual use are available for 24-hours-a-day normal guard
Main unit anti-tamper and low-voltage detecting function

Input: DC 9V -12V
Standby current: less than 55mA
Alarm current: less than 450mA
Wireless receive frequency: 315±0.5MHz
GSM frequency: 900Mhz/1800MHz
Backup battery : NI-HI AAA
Alarm loudness: 110dB
Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
The Wireless Keyboard Sensor is compatible with home security system security system.
Transmission time: not less than 1s
Battery included
Transmit distance: approx 100m (no obstacle)

Wireless infrared motion detector
Temperature-sensitive, Suitable for bedroom, living, kitchen, lobby, corridor...etc.
Pure wireless structures, with simple installment and maintenance.
power-saving and intellectual analysis design, has more continuous working time than other detector.
can detect moving body in angle Horizon 110°, vertical 60° as far as 5-12m.
Powered by: 9 V lithium battery (included).
With a stand which can fix on the wall and adjust the angle.
Size:10.5cm x 5.5cm x 4cm(approx)

Door magnetic detector:
Can be installed in windows, doors, drawers and other important frequently-moved places
If there is any displacement, the sensor will set off the security system;
Intelligent desige, the bottom led will light up when the battery is in low voltage.
Two LED indicator to show the status
Powered by:23A 6V battery (28.2mm*10mm)(include)
Size:7cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm (approx)

Remote manipulator:
Beautiful and Portable.
Can control the security system with 4 control buttons in the remote.
With a chain, easy to take with your keys.
A LED indicator to show the status


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