Parduodamas automobilis: Audi A4 Allroad, 2016, 2.0

Parduodamas automobilis: Audi A4 Allroad, 2016, 2.0

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Parduodamas automobilis: Audi A4 Allroad, 2016, 2.0
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Automobilis pilnai paruostas eksploatacijai, jokiu defektu. Vaziuokle, variklis bei visos elektrines dalys veikia be priekaistu. Pilnos Premium komplektacijos. Del daugiau klausimu ar nuotrauku skambinkite arba rasykite zinute. Keitimai nedomina. Kaina derinama prie automobilio.

Auto komplektacija:

Special editions E0A Without special action equipment
Lockable wheel bolts 1PA Standard wheel bolts
Vehicle class differentiation
units/platform components 0HV Vehicle class differentiation -8K0-
tail pipe 0P0 Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
Emission standard 7GB Emission standard ULEV 2
Trailer hitch 1D8 Trailer hitch preparation
airbag 4UB Airbag for NAR
Aktivkohlebehälter / Ottopartikelfilter 1E4 Activated carbon canister (ORVR)
and siphoning device for fueling
Label for central electric 0W2 Label for central electric system
English-speaking countries
Tray areas package QE1 Storage compartment package 1
Exterior mirror setting 6XL Exterior mirrors with memory feature,
auto-dimming, power-folding/adjustable/
Follow-on warranty EA0 Without subsequent warranty
Left exterior mirror 5SG Left exterior mirror, flat
Right exterior mirror 5RW Right exterior mirror, convex (US)
large viewing field
Drive type 1X1 Four-wheel drive
"Multimedia"video/DVD/notebook connection 9WC Without "Multimedia" in vehicle
Equipment levels A8U Executive US equipment
Brake type in rear 1KW Disc brakes in rear
batteries J1N Battery 420 A (75 Ah)
Brake type, front 1LA Disc brakes in front
Components with special surface 6FA Components without special surface
Receiver (car phone) QF0 Without receiver/telephony (car phone)
Battery/alternator capacity NY2 Increased battery capacity
Component part sets with
country-specific design requirements B0A build parts set without county specific documentatio
vehicle tools and jack 1S1 vehicle tools and jack
Brake systems 1AT Electronic stability control (ESC)
Owner's manuals 0VM Information kit in American English
Operating voltage 9Z0 Operating voltage 12 V
CD ROM/DVD/SD card 7QA Without CD/DVD for navigation
CD changer/CD player 7D5 DVD player
"Charism" 2H1 "drive select"
General operating permit, alterations C01 Operating permit, alteration
CO2 variant 0C0 Standard
Cd enhancing underbody panel 2D0 Without cd enhancing underbody panel
Shock absorption/suspension, chassis 1BP Suspension/shock absorption for special
rough-road design
Roof rails/roof load rack 3S9 Roof rails
Roof insert/convertible top 3FU Big roof system
Decorative films / emblems 6F0 Without decorative films/emblems
Load-through hatch/ski bag 3X0 without load through system
Theft protection system 7AJ Electronic immobilizer, with anti-theft
alarm system and backup horn
Inserts 7TL Decorative inserts
Scuff plates 7M9 Scuff plates in door apertures
Park distance control 7X7 Park distance control in rear plus rear
view camera system
Electric interface for external use
UF7 Electric interface for external use
Manufacturing sequence differentiation 0FA Standard manufacturing sequence
Headlight activation 8K4 Separate daytime running lights
Parking brake UH1 Parking brake
Vehicle tracing system 7G0 Without preparation for VTS (Vehicle Tracing System)
Vehicle specifications F0A No special purpose vehicle, standard
Alternators 9G3 Alternator 120-180 A
Transmission types/gearshift mechanisms 0G7 tiptronic
Weight category rear axle 0YM Weight range 12
installation control only, no
requirement forecast
Weight category front axle 0JJ Weight category front axle
weight range 9
Base engine TL6 4-cyl. petrol engine 2.0 l assembly 06H.H
Tie down straps/net/pocket 6M0 Without tie down straps/net/pocket
cruise control system 8T1 Cruise control system (CCS)
Garage door opener VC2 Garage door opener
Transmission specifications G1G 8-speed automatic transmission for
four-wheel drive
Cruise control system and speed limiter 6Y8 Speed limiter
rear axle differential GH1 Basic rear axle differential
Rear trim panel 6V2 Rear trim panel
Manufacturer A51 Audi AG
Rear spoiler 5J0 Without rear spoiler
Molded headliner 6NQ Standard molded headlining
Rear seats 3NZ Rear bench seat, not split, split backrest, folding
Heating and air-conditioning system 9AQ Air conditioning plus
Headlamps 8EH Bi-functional headlamps with gas
discharge lamp, for driving on the right
(US design)
Customized installation FC0 Without individual installation
Instrument clusters U1B Instrument cluster with mph
speedometer, clock, tachometer and trip
Breakaway interior rearview mirror 4L7 Breakaway interior rearview mirror,
auto-dimming, with compass
Body style K8D Wagon/Avant
Luggage compartment floor covering 6SS Luggage compartment floor covering
Climatic zones 0Y4 Cold and tropical climatic zones (US)
headrest for seat, rear 3Q1 headrest for seat, rear
Fuel quantity for initial filling 1Z6 Increase in initial standard fuel
Fuel quality 0U7 Fuel quality E85
Fuel systems 1A4 Fuel system Multi Fuel
Body measures 5C1 Body measures for increased safety
Child seat anchors in front 3G0 Without child seat anchora in front
refrigerant KK1 Refrigerant R134a
Front license plate bracket 6W3 License plate bracket front (small, NAR)
Paint preservative/transit coating 5K4 Full body cover (shape-adapted system)
with additional transport protection
Rear cargo area 3GD Plane rear cargo area
Light package (lighting) QQ1 With additional lights (interior
Steering system arrangement L0L Left-hand drive
steering QZ7 Power steering
Lumbar support 7P1 Power adjustable lumbar support in front
steering wheels 1XX Leather-wrapped multi-function sports
steering wheel with tiptronic
Driving on the left/on the right AV1 right-hand traffic
Speaker installation 9VK Sound package "1"
Leather scope 7HA Without leather trim
Headlight range control 8Q3 Dynamic headlight range control
(self-adjusting while driving)
Engine cover NM1 Engine cover
Center armrest 6E3 Center armrest in front
Versions FN2 "allroad" version
Multi-function display/trip computer 9Q8 Multi-function display/trip computer
Engine cooling 8Z6 Hot country
Engine specifications D60 4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/162 kW (16V)
turbo FSI, homogeneous, base engine is
Navigation device 7T6 Navigation system (MID)
Front fog lamp/additional headlamp 8WB Front fog lamps
N.N.A. FY1 Type 1
Upgrading measures GP2 Vehicles with special upgrade measures
Audi Sport/ Quattro GmbH FQ0 Series wheels
Quality class AQ0 Standard-production quality
Wheels CH9 Alloy wheels 8J x 18
Radios 8DY Radio "HIGH" America
Tire pressure monitoring system 7K6 Tire pressure monitoring system
tire H2D All-weather tires 245/45 R18 100H (NAR)
Tire suppliers V0A Tires without specification of tire
Spare wheel/breakdown kit 3F1 Collapsible spare tire
Type of tire VG6 Type of tire: design 2
WPS Premium Plus package
WQB Sports package for NAR
Side airbag 4X3 Side airbag in front, with curtain
Gearshift knob/handle 7F9 Gearshift knob/handle in plastic/leather
Self-collection / special control A00 No self-collection
Special labels/plates 0SS Labels in English and French
Tail lamp assemblies 8SL LED taillamp assembly (NAR)
Locking mechanism for boot lid/cover
rear 4E9 Trunk lid power closing
with operating lever inside
Bumper systems 2K0 Standard bumpers
Seat belt check 9P5 Visual and acoustic seat belt reminder,
electric contact
seat covers N1F Seat trim covers in leather, G-grain
pattern/leatherette, B-grain pattern
Seat adjustment 3L4 Power seats in front, driver seat with
memory feature
seat heater 4A3 seat heating for front seats separat controlable
Safety certificate 0LB With special labels
safety certificates for USA
Start-stop system/regenerative braking 7L7 Regenerative braking with 12.5 V
sun visors 5XF Sun visors on driver and front
passenger side, extractable
Audio-response system/voice control QH1 voice control
Lane change assist/lane keeping system 7Y1 Lane change assist
Side and rear windows VW1 Side windows tinted green, from B-pillar
to rear window gray tinted safety glass
Sunroof roller blind for rear/side windows 3Y0 without roller blind
power outlet 7B3 12-volt outlet(s)
Handling production and pre-production FA0 Control of standard production
Headlamp washer system 8X1 Headlamp washer system
Windshield wiper intermittent control/
light/rain sensor 8N6 Windshield wiper intermittent control
with light/rain sensor
Special approval measures 3M3 Passenger car design
Nameplate set 0NA Without nameplate set
(without model designation)
Door and lid locking system 4I3 Central locking system Keyless Entry
without SAFELOCK
Type approval countries/countries with
special requirements B34 Legal requirements USA
Carrier frequency for remote control 5D2 Carrier frequency 315 MHz
Transit coating NT1 Transit coating (type 2)
TV reception/digital radio reception QV8 Satellite radio reception NAR
Assembly parts for engine (drive bearing) 1VG Assembly part for 4-cyl. engine
Front underbody guard 1SH Additional front underbody guard
Identification plates 1EP Special identification label (USA)
Type sign 2Z1 Type sign at rear
and "Quattro" nameplates respectively
First aid kit / warning triangle 1T0 Without first-aid material, without warning triangle
Front seats Q1D Sports front seats
Telephone / telematics 9ZW Telephone preparation for cellphone
Maintenance contract EW0 Without maintenance contract
Heat accumulator system/auxiliary heater 7E6 Electric auxiliary air heater
Windshield Glass 4GQ Windshield in heat-insulating glass
Additional tires (snow tires) 2WA without spare tyre
floor mats 0TD Front and rear floor mats
Decorative trims 4ZB Bright decorative trims
Additional body panels,
side 6EQ Additional stone guard body covers
(type 2)
Additional child seat anchors 3B7 Child seat anchors as per Canadian
requirements a. ISOFIX child seat system
Elektrische Lenksäulenverriegelung 0RC Starter switch locking system
Auxiliary heating system 9M0 Without auxiliary heater/parking heater