Objektivas Dörr DANUBIA 500 / 6.3 Spiegeltele T2

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Objektivas Dörr DANUBIA 500 / 6.3 Spiegeltele T2

90 €
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Objektivas Dörr DANUBIA 500 / 6.3 Spiegeltele T2 sriegis 42mm. Naudotas.
kaina 90 Euro . Tel. 860462606 . . https://www.amazon.co.uk/Danubia-Telephoto-500mm-Mount-Mirror/dp/B00A8F4LXE . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tyEv797zoY

Lens Mirror Tele Lens
Lens mount T2
Filter thread in mm 95
Manufacturer EAN 4000461068904
Color: Black
Manufacturer DÖRR
Manufacturer article number 254003
Aperture 6.3
Dimensions Lens Length Diameter in mm 115 x 97 .
The super-compact 500mm mirror telephoto for constant-intensity telephoto shots of 1: 6.3. The use of special mirrors with a particularly high reflectivity leads to the high luminous intensity for a lens that offers a 10-fold magnification in relation to the naked eye. In addition, the Tele has a high-quality multi-layer coating. Mirror lenses have a mirror system instead of lenses to project the image onto the sensor. This allows a particularly short and compact design. Points of blur lying in the blur are reproduced in a circle, which is included in the picture design, especially in portraits as a creative means. Mirror lenses can not be dimmed.
Weight lens in g 596


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