Labour rights training within the company.

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Labour rights training within the company.

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The training leads , a lawyer, a specialist in labor law J.V. Paulionis.
​Training focused only on practical knowledge and skills issued to customers.
​Training is conducted throughout Lithuania.
​The training is organizing these labor law topics:​
- Sources of labor law and the principles of labor law.
- Working the legal entities: the employee and the employer, their representatives
- Terms of employment law.
- Individual labor relations.
- Employment contract, its conclusion.
- Types of employment contracts.
- Execution of the contract.
- Termination of Employment Contract.
- Working hours.
- Rest time.
- Wage. Warranties and refunds.
- Labour discipline (disciplinary action, their appointment and the procedure for appeal and time limits).
- Substantive responsibility.
- Health and safety.
- Individual labor disputes.
- Working compliance control and supervision.​
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