Kenwood DDX7025

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Kenwood DDX7025

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DDX-7025 multimedia system main features:
6.5 inch wide colour TFT active matrix display with interactive touch-screen control
Screen dimensions: 154.1W x 87.0H (mm) (336,960 pixels)
Fully motorized slide-down mechanism with motorized tilt angle adjustment in 6 steps
Multifunction key operation
Audio easy control mode while playing visual source
Red or green (switchable) illuminated control buttons
New amplifier control system with '2004+' PS amplifiers (voltage / current / temperature / fan speed display)
Advanced B.M.S. (Bass Management System) with 2002+ PS amplifiers
Bass / Treble /Q factor /Gain control settings
TV Reception with optional tuner (KTC-V500E)
Can be linked to many models of factory-fitted remote controls (requires accessory adaptor)
2-way telephone / Navigation mute
Digital clock (12 / 24 hour)
Infra-red remote control unit included (RC-DV420)
A/V features:
Four channel 4 x 50W max power amplifier (4 x 30W RMS)
Three stereo preamplifier gold-plated RCA outputs (5 volt) for connecting optional external amplifiers
1 RCA AV output (PAL or NTSC according to the source)
1 RCA AV inputs (PAL / NTSC automatic selection)
Video 2 input signal automatic-detection mode
Rear view camera connection ready (trough AV input)
RGB Input for optional navigation system (KNA-G520)
System Es+ (Built-in high pass filter / low pass filter)
System Q (Preset Sound Control)
Dolby Digital DRC (wide / normal / midnight)
Dual zone source & volume control
Attenuator(-20dB) with smooth volume return
Non-fader reference level adjustment
DVD & CD features:
DVD video & DVD audio compatible player
DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW media compatible (video format only)
VCD compatible
WMA (Windows Media Audio) decoder
MP3 Decoder with display of ID-3 tag information
CD text ready
CD-R/RW compatible
Direct access with remote
Random / Repeat / Scan play
CD changer control features:
Dual CD changer control capability (CH1/CH2 & AUX)
DNPS (Disc Name Presets) with compatible CD changers
DNPP (Disc Name Preset Play) by remote controller
CD text ready when used with CD changer that includes this feature
Direct access with remote
Random / Repeat / Scan play (by disc or track)
Radio tuner features:
RDS (radio data system) & EON (extended other networks) tuner
Full coverage of LW / MW / FM wavebands with 24 presets (18FM, 6MW, 6LW)
Display of radio text information
Optional DAB tuner can be added as an accessory


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