greitai kraunantis Nimh AA/AAA pakrovejas.

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greitai kraunantis Nimh AA/AAA pakrovejas.

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parduodamas greitai kraunantis nimh AA/AAA bateriju pakrovejas.
Komplekte pakrovejas, 12v maitinimo blokelis ir masininis 12v laidas.
Mazai naudotas, originali pakuote ir instrukcija.

- Automatinis krovimo atjungimas kai pilnai ikrauta
- LCD ekrane rodo krovimo progresa.

Daugiau info:
For efficient charging of NiMH Mignon or Micro batteries
Set comprising:
- Convenient fast charger for 2/4 high-power NiMH Mignon or Micro batteries
- 4 AA (Mignon - HR 6) 2400 mAh Hama batteries

- Due to the short charging time ideal for digital cameras and all devices with high power consumption
- With LCD charge state indication and permanent charge state monitoring
- Automatic charging stop when batteries are fully charged (Minus delta V cut-off)
- Switch-over to trickle charge when the batteries have been charged - batteries are always fully charged
- Turbo mode with extra-high charging current if only 2 Mignon/Micro batteries are charged
- In addition: reverse polarity protection, safety timer and defective battery detection
- Includes a small 100 - 240 V power supply unit for worldwide use
- Comes with a 12 V connection cable for cigarette lighter for use in vehicles
- Charging currents: 4x Mignon 800 mA; 2x Mignon 1100 mA; 4x Micro 420 mA; 2x Micro 600 mA


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