FLUKE 8050A multimetras

FLUKE 8050A multimetras

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FLUKE 8050A multimetras

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FLUKE 8050A stalinis multimetras , maitinimas 220V. Be laidu.
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Kaina 90 Eur.

Fluke 8050A:
These 4 1/2 digit DMMs have the following measurement functions:
DC volts, true rms ac volts, dc amps, true rms ac amps, ohms, dBm (with selectable reference impedance's) conductance, and diode test
A relative-reference feature that works with all measurement functions
0.03% basic dc accuracy and true rms from 20 Hz to 50 kHz
Overload protection
with true RMS

The Fluke 8050A is a portable benchtop digital multimeter with a 4½ digit LCD.

Voltage: 10 µV to 1000 VDC, 10 mV to 750 VrmsAC
Current: 10 nA to 2ADC, 10 µA to 2 ArmsAC
Resistance: 10 mΩ to 20 MΩ
Conductance: Up to 100,000 MΩ
Voltage measurements in decibels, which can be referenced to one of 16 user selected reference impedances
Diode and transistor measurements
Ability to store any input signal as an offset or relative reference value
Automatic polarity indication and overrange indication
Protection from overloads and protection from transients of up to 6 kV, 10 µs
Dual-slope integration a/d conversion to ensure noise-free measurements
DC voltage
Input impedance: 10 MΩ in parallel with 60 dB
Common mode rejection ratio: >90 dB
Common mode voltage (maximum): 500 VDC or peak AC
Maximum input: 1000 VDC or peak AC
AC voltage
Common mode rejection ratio: >60 dB
Crest factor range: Waveforms with a Peak/RMS ration of 1:1 to 3:1 at full scale, increasing down range
Input impedance: 10 MΩ in parallel with <100 pF
Maximum input: 750 Vrms or 1000 Vpeak
Overload protection: 500 VDC/ACrms


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