Fluke 25 multimetras

Fluke 25 multimetras

60 €
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Fluke 25 multimetras

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parduodamas FLUKE 25 multimetras, juodos spalvos tvirtas korpusas (military paskirites, geltonais korpusais skirti civiliniam naudojimui) . Analogine - skaitmenine skale. Be laidu. Veikia gerai. Stabilus ir patikimas prietaisas.Kaina - 60 Eur.

Analog Bar Graph/Segments
Audible continuity/Diode test
AC/DC Voltage 320mV – 1000V
AC/DC Current 320µA – 10A
Resistance 320Ω – 32MΩ
Conductance 32.00ns

These Fluke DMMs were made for the US Army, and are one of the most rugged DMMs made. Its case is double the thickness of other Fluke DMM’s, all seams are rubber O ring sealed, it’s very shock and chemical resistant. It has fast auto ranging, and includes the desirable milli-volt and micro-amps scales for the ham or electronics hobbyist, along with peak holds. Has 3200 count display, and uses standard 9 volt battery. This DMM and is constructed like a brick.
Standard measurements include ac/dc voltage and current, ohms, conductance, audible continuity, and diode test. The 25 imeets MIL-T-28800, Type 2, Class 2, Style A specifications for vibration, humidity, and water resistance. It operates from a single 9V battery with an expected life of 750 hours.


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