Dell WWAN 5540 3G modemas + GPS

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Dell WWAN 5540 3G modemas + GPS

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Specefikacijos :
The card in conjunction with your sim card for your service provider will give you High Speed 3G & HSDPA Internet access and GPS Navigation on the laptop. Next-Generation Mobile Broadband Module -- F3607gw is most advanced mobile broadband module, uniquely designed with innovative features to provide a richer and cost-effective internet experience for all. The module provides enhanced functionality such as wake-on wireless, reduced power consumption and an increased level of integration, reducing the number of necessary components and therefore cost. -- Wake-on wireless -- By remaining connected while a notebook is in sleep mode, wake-on wireless technology enables users or service providers to remotely wake up the device. This innovative technology will allow a new set of applications to further enhance security and instant-on functionalities, such as the ability to disable the computer in case of theft, or instant distribution of important messages and security updates. -- Embedded GPS -- Service providers and IT departments can also combine the wake-on wireless feature and embedded network assisted GPS functionality to create a range of differentiating services, including remote manageability, security updates, asset protection, tracking and geofencing. -- F3607gwForm Factor: PCI Express Mini Card -- Modes: HSPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS -- Bands: UMTS 2100/1900/850 or 2100/1900/900 MHzGSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz -- Speeds: HSPA Data speed D/L 7.2Mbps U/L 2.0Mbps EDGE/GPRS Data speed D/L: 247.4Kbps U/L: 123.7Kbps -- GPS: Standalone, A-GPS (internet and operator assisted) - Antenna interface: Advanced receiver diversity GRAKE2


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