Canon 814 Xl Electronic 8mm vaizdo kamera (Japan)

Canon 814 Xl Electronic 8mm vaizdo kamera (Japan)

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Canon 814 Xl Electronic 8mm vaizdo kamera (Japan)
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Parduodu vintazine 8mm vaizdo kamera Canon 814 XL Electronic .Labai gera bukle,su distancinio valdymo pultu ir originalia pakuote,Made in Japan.

Main specification:

Canon 814XL Electronic

marketed in March 1977

silent super 8 cartridge

image size: 4.2 x 5.7 mm

lens: Canon Zoom Lens C8 Macro f : 1.4 F: 7.5-60 mm

composition: 18 elements in 13 groups

zooming ratio: 8x

focusing: manual, 1.2 m to infinity

rangefinder: split image

macro shooting: 165 mm from the film plane mark (1)

zooming: auto (5 sec) and manual, rotation angle of 121 degrees

filter size: 58 mm

viewfinder: single-lens reflex type with adjustable eyepiece: -4 to +2 diopter

viewfinder information: aperture value, over/under exposure warnings, film transport lamp, film end precaution lamp

exposure control: automatic and manual exposure control TTL Servo EE with a CdS exposure meter

metering range: 400 ASAf/1.4, 9 fps, shutter opening at 220 degrees, without CCA filter - 16 ASA f/45, slow motion (36 fps), shutter opening at 150 degrees, with CCA filter

film speed: automatic for 16/25, 25/40, 40/64, 64/100, 100/160, 160/250 and 250/400 ISO (daylight/tungsten)

ASA notching: 6-pin

exposure compensation: 2 steps compensation of 0.5 and 1.5 stops

CCA filter: built-in, automatically cancelled with loading of a daylight type film cartridge manual cancellation is possible

filming speed: 9, 18 fps, slow motion (approx 36 fps), single frame

shutter opening angle: 220 degrees (effective value) for XL shooting. 150 - 0 degrees for normal shooting (can be closed completely). Variable shutter opening control for 150 - 0 degrees makes fading possible. Exposure is automatically compensated at 220 and 150 degrees

fading: possible

sound: double-system, synchronized sound recording with a tape recorder. Exclusive socket (8 -pin)

flash synchronization socket: yes

remote control socket: yes

cable release socket: yes

movie light socket: screw type

handle: retractable, chamber for penlight batteries

film drive motor: DC micromotor

battery check button: yes

power source: 4 x AA batteries only

weight: 1450 g

dimensions: 92.5 x 118 x 265 mm

tripod socket: 1/4"