AFLATEK SilentPro150-4 kompresorius

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AFLATEK SilentPro150-4 kompresorius

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Technical data:

Descriptions SilentPro150-4
Power supply , V: 230
Motor power, W: 4x1100
Motor speed, Rpm: 1440
Air delivery, L/min: 440
Maximum pressure. Bar: 8
Maximum pressure, Psi: 116
Noise level, db/A: 81
Air tank capacity, L: 150
Dimensions, (length x width x height), mm: 1320x510x910
Weight, kg: 150

Aflatek is international company which sells it's production world wide. Our production is stored in Latvia, Riga. If you want to know the cost of shipping or you have any other questions please feel free to contact us any time.

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